It’s difficult for Newt Gingrich supporters to fully comprehend how unlikely their candidate is to appeal to all but the hard-core conservative base. The very rhetoric (food stamp president, mainstream-media bashing, moon colonies) that fires up his supporters are looked upon with suspicion by voters beyond the hard-core base.

But don’t take my word for it. The Obama team and Big Labor (I repeat myself) are going all out in Florida in the hopes of getting Gingrich rather than Mitt Romney as an opponent. The Hill reports:

A super-PAC supporting President Obama and a major labor union have teamed up to air Spanish-language radio ads in Florida blasting Mitt Romney’s stance on immigration policy.

Priorities USA Action and Service Employees International Union will split the cost of a six-figure ad buy knocking Romney for pandering to Hispanic voters while supporting policies they say inflict harm on Hispanic immigrants.

As The Post reports: “Newt Gingrich isn’t the only one trying to beat Mitt Romney in Florida. Several liberal groups are funding new ad campaigns in the Sunshine State targeting the vulnerable GOP presidential candidate, part of an unusually bold effort by Democratic supporters to bolster President Obama’s chances in November by influencing the Republican primaries.”

Ann Coulter has a point when she argues, “RE-ELECT OBAMA: VOTE NEWT!” It’s reasonable to assume that “conservatism is an electable quality. Hot-headed arrogance is neither conservative nor attractive to voters.”

But if you think Coulter has gone squishy, take a look at some polling. The most recent Suffolk University poll has Romney up 5 points on Obama in Florida; Gingrich trails the president by nine. In the latest Quinnipiac poll, Romney and Obama are tied in Florida at 45 percent. Obama, however, leads Gingrich by 11 points.