You do have to wonder if it would do the chattering class any good to stop chattering long enough to reflect on their double standards for evaluating most every development in the campaign.

Mitt Romney doesn’t recall the particulars of an incident in high school fifty years ago. He’s lying! He’s been slippery! This is revealing of the ”true” Romney.

Then yesterday the president utters these words:

A Romney spokesman replies: “It’s not surprising that a president who forgot to create jobs, forgot to cut the debt, and forgot to change Washington has now admitted that he’s forgotten about the recession. In fact, it seems that the president has forgotten that he’s been in office for the last three-and-a-half years. In November, the American people won’t forget.”

Now, which “forgetting” is more relevant to the campaign? And had Romney said he “forgets” about the magnitude of the suffering, how long would it be before it was the top story of the day? In the media’s collective eyes, however, President Obama’s comment is a non-event, not even a gaffe.

The media, in some cases, are no doubt intentionally and strenuously rooting for Obama and skewing coverage his way. (How many liberal outlets have yet to report on “Life of Julia”? A bunch.) But in many cases they simply don’t see or hear the president’s gaffes. They go through the campaign with blue-colored glasses, and like the inhabitants of Oz who never doubt their world is completely green, see the world in liberal hues.

As the media environment becomes increasing self-segregated, the audience for the “blue” news is taken in by mostly true believers. Conservatives should take heart. The multiplicity of outlets and the ability of candidates (in debates, paid media and social media) to go around the big, blue media monster are greater than ever before. Moreover, voters are not dumb; they have experiences that belie the media narrative and common sense that rejects much of the media blather (how many of them think high school antics are relevant to the presidency?).

If the blue-blinded media were all that effective, we wouldn’t see conservatives elected, especially in unexpected places like New Jersey. That conservatives win despite the liberal media is encouraging evidence of the electorate’s ornery independence. (Some of them just refuse to march “Forward!”). It doesn’t, however, excuse the ongoing, unexamined blue bias of most news outlets.