Candy Crowley on “State of the Union” made mincemeat of David Plouffe:

In a few short minutes she highlighted two uncomfortable truths for which the Obama team has no good answer: Did the president accomplish what he promised? Why, then give him four more years?

The first question, which Plouffe understandably wanted to evade, forces Obama to defend his record and assert something the American people don’t believe is the case, namely that things are getting better.

The second question might not be so troubling if Obama had something new to say. He could have rolled out tax reform. He might have embraced the recommendations of the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction commission. Then, he could honestly say to voters to choose his new super-duper, better-than-ever agenda. But he’s got nothing, just a rehash of Stimulus 1.

Why didn’t Obama come up with something new? There are a couple of possibilities. Most important, it would have been an admission that his first-term agenda was a bust. Second, it would have required some Bill-Clinton-like compromise and jettisoning liberal statism. Obama has shown himself disinclined to engage in self-reflection or to revisit his liberal ideology. The result is a campaign that asks us to endure four more years of failed policies.