Yesterday, I asked readers what advice they would give to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on which three GOP senators to pick for the committee charged with making the second round of spending cuts under the debt-ceiling legislation. I have to say, a good number of the answers were smarter and better reasoned than anything you’ll hear on talking-heads shows on cable TV.

For this one I’ll declare a tie. Donaldjohnson offers this suggestion:

Republicans should name experienced and widely respected members who are from safe GOP districts in the House and Senators who aren’t up for re-election.

From the Senate, I’d like to see Bob Corker of TN. He’s proved that he is a hard worker, good analyst, articulate advocate and honest broker.

[Jon] Kyl of AZ is known as a good negotiator, straight shooter, and articulate advocate. And he’s not running for re-election.

[Rob] Portman of OH is a former director of OMB.

(Donald also gets extra credit for recommending some excellent choices for the House — Reps. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Tom Price (R-Ga.)). My quibble with Donald is that Corker may not have the full confidence of the more conservative members of the caucus, an essential quality in selling any agreement back to his colleagues.

So I will also give the nod to jkk1943 who wrote:

My vote is for Marco Rubio. He is a brilliant man and a gifted speaker. He is the son of Cuban immigrants and can speak brilliantly of American Exceptionalism from the perspective of a son of recent immigrants. He is an eloquent spokesman for capitalism and free enterprise. He has experience as Speaker of the House of the Florida legislature. I would also vote for Jon Kyl or John Thune.

These are excellent recommendations since all these senators are perceived as articulate, solid conservatives and strong on national security, which are vital qualities needed to steer the committee clear of crippling defense cuts (or throwing us into the across-the-board sequestration that will slash the Pentagon’s budget). And Rubio has one more advantage: He voted against the deal and will be in a strong position to advance the arguments of the most dogged anti-tax- hike senators.

To sum up, I think readers have pieced together a fine contingent for the Senate Republicans: Kyl, Portman and Rubio. We should hope that McConnell chooses wisely.