What should Democrats running for the House and Senate (governorships, too) do about President Obama’s increasing poor political standing? Readers had some insightful answers.

Jackb41 suggests Hillary Clinton run instead because none “of the current GOP candidates could beat her, as she seems to be a champion of the independent voter.” Others also recommend shoving the president off the stage.

Smb1138 has this sage take:

Short answer: Obama cannot be the Democratic nominee in 2012. He has become an albatross hanging around the necks of every Democratic candidate, who, despite their best efforts, find themselves eclipsed [by] his shadow everywhere they turn. Case in point - NY9. An Orthodox Jewish candidate and strong defender of Israel was defeated overwhelmingly, in large part because of frustration towards Obama’s Israel policy.

Despite this, no serious candidate will rise up to challenge him for the party nomination (memories of the Carter vs. Kennedy debacle in 1980 are still too fresh). Democrats’ best option at this point would be to convince Obama not to seek a second term and attempt to turn 2012 into a referendum on the future of the country, rather than a judgment of the failures of the previous administration.

It’s not likely, of course, that any Democrat has the nerve to tell Obama to pack it in or that he would listen to such advice.

From my perspective, incumbent Democrats could get some credit from voters by reaching a credible deal with Republicans on debt and on job promotion, which would entail pushing most of Obama’s wish list off the table. As for challengers, good luck. It’s a rotten year to run with a “D” next to your name (as it was for the R’s in 2006 and 2008). They’ll have to go negative, really negative and hope voters aren’t sick of politics as usual.