I asked readers if the GOP should keep on ignoring and/or denigrating the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Many readers said, “Heck, yes!” Acronon wrote in part:

I stopped by a local Occupy event and found the anti-war kids with a new layer of paint. It’s the usual mix of liberals, left-leaning libertarians (aka the Legalize it crowd) and self -proclaimed anarchists. . . . I wholeheartedly support the Democrats “embracing” this “movement.” Suburban workers worried about their 401k’s and mortgages just love watching the art major camp out in the cities while demanding higher taxes on everyone else.

Stevesturmi says he is tempted to “ignore them” or treat them “as nothing new.” But he came up with a strategically smart approach:

I would apply some combination of (1) understanding that things aren’t going right for a bunch of people (but not singling out the protestors),(2) blame Obama’s policies for the economic conditions that make it hard for people to get jobs and pay off their debts (again, without emphasizing these particular protestors), (3) criticize these protestors for trashing the place and being so disrespectful to residents, business owners, police officers who can’t respond to more important calls, and taxpayers who have to pick up the tab . . .

That sounds right on the money. Republicans need not be harsh or indifferent to real suffering while taking a firm law and order position on the unruly mob. Most of all, they’d be wise to tie this to the Obama economy, which has made all Americans miserable.