On Tuesday I asked what readers suggest the House Republicans do with regard to the jobs bill. With apologies for the belated posting, here is an excellent plan outlined by rudyncg:

[T]he Republicans can force some intellectual honesty among Dems by forcing them to bring their individual proposals for unemployment benefit extensions, tax subsidies, or whatever, to the floor provided they have financing mechanisms in place. Then, promptly debate and vote on those proposals. If pressed, [Speaker John] Boehner can continue to express willingness to compromise as long as it is a two-way street, and that Democrats are willing to go on the record with votes before he’ll take any rhetoric seriously. Deal making can only happen when the Republicans aren’t negotiating against themselves.

The Republicans should declare that the first thing to do for job creation is to get government out of the way and call for Obama to pull back on job-killing regulation in return for considering some of his spending/subsidy plans individually. The Republicans cannot allow Obama to unilaterally kill jobs with one hand and claim to want to create jobs with the other.

Those steps will help delineate the lines of fundamental policy difference and expose how Obamanomics has virtually no constituency anymore, even among the Dems. Neither is there any point to being dragged into another “grand deal” mirage, which cannot happen in this congressional session. The emperor is naked.

Bravo. Republicans would do well to follow that smart game plan.