Yesterday I asked what President Obama should do about the left-wing protests that have sprung up around the country.

Ralterb was blunt: “The Occupy Wall Street movement is the epitome of left-wing naivete. It is aimless, unrealistic in its goals, and completely out of touch with how the economy works. I think these people need to get actual jobs instead of playing guitar and getting stoned all day. In regards to Obama, I think the President does share their anti-business, anti-capitalist, pro-class warfare views. But associating oneself with these morons is not a winning strategy.”

Smb1138 added a critical point: “What’s there to embrace? These protesters have no discernible agenda, other than some sort of vague opposition to money and capitalism. Obama will have enough trouble in 2012 convincing voters that he isn’t anti-business (let alone a centrist), and would do well to stay clear of this rabble.”

These readers have it essentially right, I think. Obama is now the “establishment,” as much as he would yearn to be out there organizing his community and railing against corporate profits. (Bank of America only gets to keep the Obama-approved amount, you see.) Nevertheless, he’s president for now, and needs to win over donors, avoid further freaking out the markets and rebut the criticism that he is anti-business and thereby anti-job creation.

Right now, Obama has enough problems just getting Democrats in Congress to support his jobs bill. He sure doesn’t need to go borrowing trouble by showing solidarity with the mob.