On Friday I asked readers who would be the best vice presidential pick for the eventual Republican presidential nominee. Rep. Allen B. West (R-Fla.) got one vote, as did Sen. Ronald H. Johnson (R-Wis.). New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie got a couple votes.

Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) got the nod from ralterb, who makes a good argument: “He’s from a swing state and has a great resume, as a former six-term U.S. representative, trade representative and OMB director. As senator for only seven months, he’s already been placed within the thick of negotiations over the budget and debt ceiling and is respected by both Democrats and Republicans. If Republicans want to emphasize bread and butter economic issues, such as growth, job creation, spending and deficit reduction, then you could do worse than Portman.”

But the overwhelming favorite was Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) DWilkers writes:

Rubio is the obvious choice. He is Hispanic, genuinely conservative and well spoken. If you saw his speech at the Reagan library, then you know he can communicate at a level anyone can understand, and one message that comes through clearly is that he doesn’t just love this country, he is in love with it.

Running Rubio would also be relatively risk free. He isn’t up for re-election so you don’t have to worry about filling his seat if you lose.

Rubio is going to be a strong contender at some point in the future when he decides to run.

Jlesh828 agrees: “Rubio would obviously make an excellent VP choice. He is beloved by the Tea Party and establishment wings of the party, comes from an important (but currently right-swinging) state and can help get some of the Hispanic vote.”

On this I think Right Turn readers are quite representative of Republican voters. There are few if any conservatives who have a bad word to say about him. Now, he’d have to want to run, and the presidential nominee would need to want him. But aside from such small matters, it seems like a cinch.