In mulling over the VP picks, readers offered a variety of selections including Sarah Palin, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla), Jeb Bush, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels and Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.). But three names got the most attention.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) was the pick of readers like Coffeetime, who writes: “When Obama was elected, people expected him and the Democrats to home in like a Predator drone on Priority One — the economy. Didn’t happen. While Obama, his supporters and the media (Dept. of Redundancy Dept., I know) are about as serious when it comes to the economy as schoolboys dipping little girls’ pigtails into inkwells, the GOP can bring order to the class by stressing the three R’s — Republicans, Romney and Ryan. The first debate out of the chute — the veeps — would set the tone, as Ryan would simply mop up the economic floor with the hapless Joe Biden.”

Dr. Brixton agrees: “Mr. Romney will win this election because he has the discipline and intensity of purpose to link the economy to a deep perception of the moral purpose of America. Paul Ryan provides the intellectual firepower and personal charisma to methodically expose and destroy Obama’s record in terms the electorate can understand.”

And likewise StatistQuo argues:

Paul Ryan is my VP pick. He is both the intellectual and political future of the Republican Party. He’s a social conservative, who will NOT campaign exclusively, or offensively, as a social conservative. He can best articulate a pro growth-deficit reducing counter argument to the disastrous Obamanomics. He will assure the conservative base that Romney will govern as a conservative, without pressing hot buttons that would antagonize independent voters. Ryan with the national campaign will best articulate the necessity and will to save the social safety net, while keeping the Government solvent. He is also strong on national defense and security issues, as well. Ryan has already overcome the obstacles placed before an incumbent Congressman and has high and positive name recognition (better than any other Republican state-wide elected leader).

But interestingly, StatistQuo thinks the actual pick will be Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) “to assure pivotal Ohio will be in the GOP electoral column.”

There were many readers who agreed. SmallisBeautiful writes: “My money is on Portman. Personally I like Ryan for all the reasons other posters have mentioned. But the right choice is the Senator from Ohio.” Jafco argues:

As potential presidents, Ryan seems a bit light (certainly on par with President Obama, but then!), while Portman and Christie easily could make the grade.

Portman has the better resume: House, Senate, budget chief in the Bush administration. He’s an expert in foreign trade and trade agreements, the Federal budget process, apparently has great relations with John Boehner, understands how the Senate works (he would be President Pro Tem of the Senate if VP), should satisfy Republican conservatives and moderates (that may not be the case with Christie as to the former group), and I suggest he would boost the ticket in Ohio and Pennsylvania, at least.

I think he’s probably one of a very few with a strong chance.

Finally Christie got support from many commenters. ClaudiaMonteverdi is emphatic: “Without hesitation, on whichever grounds one determines are paramount: aid in campaigning, the ‘hatchet man’, appeal to all segments of the population, and surely loyalty and tenacity: It MUST be Governor Chris Christie. Any other choice would be tantamount to self-immolation.” Sharon2b thinks Rubio will be the pick but likes Christie: “Christie for contrast, personality and skill with the MSM. The voters are ready to have someone who tells it like it is.

From my vantage point, Ryan, Portman and Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell would provide consistency in message with Romney, experience, discipline and proven ability to win swing voters. I continue to think Romney will choose one of these low risk/capable choices.