A few readers thought the most significant development last week was the story on national security leaks. Travlr009 write that “this outrageous leaking of top incredibly sensitive ONGOING operational secrets for political gain, clearly came from someone high in the administration or the campaign. This could put the final stake through the heart of the Obama campaign.” Absolutejoan agrees: “If true, and everyone now believes Obama capable of it, that the leaks were used to help Obama’s re-election campaign, then a new low has been reached which we will not be distracted from it by a hasty ‘press conference speech,’ even with the resultant stupendous blunder it contained. Risking American lives and those of OUR spies to save his political a** is Nixonian at the least and Obamanian to the core.”

Most readers, however, cited the Wisconsin recall results and/or the “doing fine” press conference.

Donkeyhoti argues: “What is stunning is that Obama seems to actually believe that giving more federal tax dollars to state and local governments will stimulate the economy. That was what the first stimulus was all about and how did that work out? Obama did not misspeak. Liberals have been saying this for some time.”

Blackwell575 writes:

Without a doubt, the press conference comment about the private sector doing just fine was the biggest gaffe of the week, which was a week filled with gaffes for Obama and liberals. The comment, although made in an off-the-cuff way, was a microcosm into how detached and how out of his league Obama is on the economy and free-market enterprise. It has taken almost four years but currently more and more Americans are beginning to realize that Obama is simply clueless on how to fix the economy and create jobs. His entire career before being elected president has been in either academia (he is highly intelligent and well educated) and as a community organizer. He had and he still has zero business experience.

On this one, djblum best sums up the events of last week:

[I]t was the combination of Scott Walker’s win in Wisconsin immediately followed by President Obama’s doubling down on public-sector unions in the comments immediately following his “doing fine” gaffe. People, even private-sector union members, are realizing that a dollar in the public unions’ pockets is a dollar out of their own. I think that really this illustrates the gaps between President Obama’s base — public unions, environmentalists — and the group of voters who may be up for grabs.

Really, though, I don’t know that you can point to a single event. If President Obama is not reelected, and even still at this point it’s a toss-up, it’s going to be a death by a thousand cuts, not one single event. What’s important is that the president’s “doing fine” comment and President Clinton’s comments on the tax cuts are going to be repeated ad nauseam, as both reinforce the theme that Mitt Romney will be pushing until November.

I would only add that with the Obama press conference comments last week it seems to have dawned on the mainstream media that the president may well lose the election. It will be interesting to see if, seeing blood in the water, they pile on or if they redouble efforts to savage his challenger.