In the VP guessing game, candidates who the media have latched upon (e.g. former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty) may not even be under serious consideration while there may be contenders whose identities are unknown. As to who should be the pick, readers tossed out just about every name you’ve heard, as epigonigrp wrote: “Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.”

A number of readers argued for Christie. Clorinda put it succinctly: “Wouldn’t it be fun to see Chris Christie and Joe Biden debate?” Others agreed, including MickeyKovars, who argued: “Christie, for sure. Romney needs excitement on the ticket, and Christie is the one person who can do it. He is also tough as nails and will throw back at the Dems all the garbage they will throw at him and Romney. He is serious and smart and can be relied on to wage offensive war — which is what Romney will need against the Democrat/media onslaught. No wusses are acceptable in making the VP choice. Christie is needed.”

Rubio remains a favorite with readers. MDHornback2 wrote, in part:

With Senator Rubio, Mr. Romney will give himself tremendous advantages. Some think he wouldn’t add much to the vote total in Florida. I disagree. Having the Floridian on his ticket will energize the base in Florida. Governor Jeb Bush would be energized as well and would provide way more support than if Mr. Romney picks someone else. Additionally, by choosing such an articulate, inspiring person, Mr. Romney has a second to none voice to speak to audiences around the country. His ethnicity and age will certainly help in attracting second looks by individuals in groups that wouldn’t naturally align with Republicans. Though he may not get much more in the way of votes from Hispanics, surely they would take some time to listen to what he has to say. And some who listen will certainly consider voting for them.

Mr. Rubio is a smart, talented, inspirational, and bold choice. And considering how he has responded to the spotlight that has been on him these last two years, I think we can even say it would be a safe choice.

I continue to believe Romney will go for economic smarts and experience (executive or otherwise) over appeal to a specific state or demographic group. As Romney has grown more confident as a candidate, any concern about a running mate who would overpower or outshine him has diminished, I think. Provided Romney doesn’t go for a “surprise” (this usually doesn’t turn out well) he will chose from among a crop of very talented running mates. There really is not a single “right” pick.