Which presidential campaign is winning the Bain wars? Not surprisingly the question generate plenty of responses.

Some like tkoho think Mitt Romney is now tainted. “It’s clear Romney lost. His time at Bain is his only argument for being president.” Truthwillout argues, “I’d say Romney came out on the downside. Romney is pulling out all the stops to put space between himself and Bain. The message that sends? ‘Bain is bad.’ That message is most definitely not the message Romney set out to send.” Gus thinks that “[t]he Obama campaign didn’t ‘win’ this week but the Romney campaign most certainly has been knocked into disarray. Romney looks and sounds like a man on the defensive. More to the point, Romney looks and sounds like a man with a lot to hide.”

Others contend the attacks are backfiring. Thugentober writes:“Well, considering the fact that CNN is now accusing the Obama administration of ‘swiftboating’ Mitt Romney . . . the Washington Post says the Obama people are ‘blowing smoke . . . Factcheck.org says the accusations of the Obama people are nonsense and Fortune concurs . . . and even the Boston Globe’s own research shows contemporaneous accounts of Romney leaving Bain in Feb 1999 . . . I would say Charles Krauthammer is right, Obama has jumped the shark with this current round of stupidity.”

Blackwell575 makes the case that “the problem as I view it for Obama and his lackeys in the liberal mainstream media and on the left is that it is becoming difficult to know when Obama is lying and when he is actually bring forth somewhat factual information. Therefore Obama’s lackeys continue to make fools out of themselves as they perpetuate the lies coming out from the Obama team.” And Jonathan19 maintains that the flap “hurt Obama by reinforcing the accurate perception that he doesn’t understand business or the economy.”

But on this, only undecided voters who matter (in swing states) aren’t keeping very close tabs on this, at least not now. By definition these people aren’t partisan and don’t live and breathe politics. Therefore, DJWinMassachusetts has this one right. “No winner or loser yet, because the lion’s share of undecided voters don’t start to tune in to presidential election politics until after Labor Day. Only political junkies pay attention in July, and political junkies are mostly decideds.” Bingo.