On a day when convention activities have been wiped out altogether it’s worth asking if the Republican convention can really change the minds of any of those persuadable voters.

Andresouffrant thoughtfully suggests: “I definitely don’t think many minds are going to be changed because of the conventions, and I suspect that the only way to change anyone’s mind would be for either side to get specific with their policies and goals. The most crucial demographic, moderate undecideds, seems to be interested in the economy, so to win over those votes, Romney or Obama could offer more specifics on their economic policies.”

Slatt321 bemoans: “Changing one’s mind requires one to be open to new information that’s also personally relevant to the formation of an opinion. After so many partisan battles over budgets, the ACA, and a bitterly disrespectful campaign fight, there just aren’t many voters left who haven’t taken sides. The value of the convention speeches will be to enthuse the converted and stir them to vote. Nothing said in Tampa or Charlotte is going to change minds.”

And Csmsr says the media aren’t helping: “The mainstream media is limiting its TV coverage to one hour each night, so that will certainly cut down on the exposure of some of the most interesting speakers. Gov.Christie, Sen. Rob Portman, Sen. Marco Rubio, in addition to Romney and Ryan will provide good exposure of the ideas and directions of the GOP this election. Hopefully, there are people out there who are not addicts to the political scene who will watch and get a broader understanding of the positions each party is taking. Educating themselves is something we should all do this election season.”

Others think that the three big speeches will have some impact. Mickeykovars argues: “There is some opportunity in 3 speeches -- the Keynote, because it is Christie, and Ryan and Romney’s speeches. Hard to say what hits the right note and what doesn’t, but the reaction may depend on how many people watch the proceedings on Fox vs. the MSM’s, who will lace everything with destructive pro-Obama criticism.”

Eddiehaskell contends: “There are only 2 speeches that will have some impact. The Romney and Ryan speeches. The Christie, Santorum, et. al. are a waste of time. The entire format should be Obama in his own words and then a short rebuttal by the guest speakers.”

From my vantage point, Romney-Ryan need not convince voters that things are bad. The “wrong track” number is sky high. What they do need to do, and may well achieve, is to project competent, confident leadership and explain how their policies would differ from and be an improvement on President Obama’s. It is the last time they will have the stage to themselves with a huge audience and no media filter. They should be able to make some headway.