When, if ever, will Democrats and Republicans agree to a grand bargain?

DonaldEJohnson has this smart take:

On Friday, after hearing Boehner and Obama talk and seeing that Intrade.com shows speculators thing there’s only a 26% chance of a recession in 2013, I concluded that there is a 60% chance that the cliff would be averted by a deal.

But after reviewing the clips of both presentations, I think there is a 25% chance of a deal.


Because Obama went out of his way to infuriate GOP members of the House. They’re the key to a deal, and if they decide Obama is dissing them, they may decide to show him who is boss and get away with it. How would they get away with it? The cliff would come in January and February 2012. The next election is Nov. 2014. That leaves lots of time for memories to fade just as the worthless fiscal stimulus, ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank faded so much that they didn’t defeat Obama.

On this one I think Blackwell575 hits the nail on the head. He writes, in part:

There will most likely be a compromise reached over the fiscal cliff. House and Senate Republicans have already indicated they are willing to work with Obama around some common sense closure of loop-holes, deductions, and tax shelters that are used by upper income tax payers. However they are still opposed to tax-increases on any citizens. If Obama is willing to give some – respect -- to House and Senate Republicans and to really reach out and work with Republicans then yes a compromise and a bargain can be reached.

If however in his post-election euphoria he does what he did upon taking office in his first term and tell Republicans – it is my way or the highway – and to disrespect House and Senate Republicans, then Republicans (especially Tea-Party Republicans) should do the responsible thing and check and balance and block still further obstructive Obama policies that will bring further havoc on working class citizens. Republicans must maintain focus on the big-picture and the long-term strategy of working to improve the lives of working class citizens via an improving economy and jobs and reduction of deficit and debt. The things the last campaign was about. If Obama is willing to reach out, show respect, and actually work on these issues with Republicans then they should reciprocate and do the same thing. If Obama does not do that, then Republicans should do the responsible thing and check and balance destructive Obama polices and increased tax and spend schemes.

Even though Obama won the general election Republicans still maintained control of the House and still have over 40 of our people in the Senate. In addition to that we picked up several governorships (federalism anyone). Now is not the time for Republicans to go timid. Now more than ever is the time to act like true elected representatives to work where things can be accomplished along reasonable compromise and to hold the line if that cannot happen!