The Emergency Committee for Israel has weighed in on the candidacy of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) with a powerful ad by its co-founder Gary Bauer:

Republican ad makers should take note: There is nothing more powerful than a thoughtful appeal by a well-spoken conservative, looking the voters straight in the eye.

The Ron Paul campaign did not respond to my request for comment. But most likely in the debate this weekend, and in the time between the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries, he will need to answer the charges. Although Paul is not going to be the nominee, it is unfortunate that he was not confronted earlier and more forcefully on his foreign policy views, which are well beyond the bounds of rational discourse. It is mindboggling that a candidate for president should insinuate that the U.S. brought 9-11 on itself. And it’s frightening that there has not been a bigger pushback on his view that Iran should be allowed to get the bomb.

To his credit, Rick Santorum challenged him early in the race on these views. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) called his views the scariest she had ever heard. It’s time for the debate moderators and the other candidates to engage Paul on his policies.

It is understandable that many desire not to elevate his profile or highlight his views. But he came in third in Iowa and could well place second in New Hampshire. It’s well beyond the point at which he should be politely ignored.