Jon Huntsman’s campaign released one of the silliest “open” letters in response to news that former New Hampshire governor John Sununu had endorsed Mitt Romney.It essentially complains that Sununu didn’t endorse Huntsman. He ends on this sour note: “Mitt Romney and I have two very different records and visions for America’s future, which I look forward to sharing with voters in New Hampshire and across the nation. I even look forward to sitting down with you at some point if you ever care to learn the truth.” By “you,” he means Sununu. Yikes. I don’t really understand the point of rudeness or why he thinks that helps his cause.

Meanwhile, Herman Cain grouses that Karl Rove is out to end his campaign. Rove appeared on Fox News with a white board and proceeded to list a slew of Cain gaffes. He concluded that the totality of these flubs creates the image that he is “not up to the task.” Cain then went to Byron York to complain: “I believe it is a deliberate attempt to damage me because I am not, quote unquote, the establishment choice. But why not go with the choice that the people seem to like?” He accused Rove of favoring Romney. Rove denied that and in turn responded to York: “Herman Cain is the one giving the Democrats material for attack ads . . . I want the strongest nominee to emerge from the process. I have no personal favorite. Fox expects me to call balls and strikes as I see them. . . . Because of his energy and passion, he gets more than the normal number of mulligans. But he’s running out of them. And he should not expect everybody to be cheerleading every mistake he makes.”

If you’re the parent of young children, you’ll recognize the “Not fair!” cry. You do wonder, at times, whether these guys understand they are running for president and commander in chief. The tendency to claim ”Woe is me” is a decidedly unattractive feature.

Moreover, it’s a very bad habit for conservatives to get into. Sarah Palin’s fixation on her coverage made her look thin-skinned and self-absorbed. The voters frankly don’t care if a candidate thinks he or she has been done wrong; They care about the country and their own issues. Candidates should keep that in mind the next time they feel compelled to grouse.