Former (or never to be?) Mitt Romney spokesman Richard Grenell turned out to be a disappointment to the left. Just as we reported here at Right Turn, Grenell explained that the voices that drove him from the campaign came from the right and the left. He wrote last week: “The claim that gays should be barred from conservative activism is not only bigoted but is a bipartisan view. The intolerant assault comes from the far right, who object to Republicans who are gay, and the far left, who object to gays being Republicans. When the extremists on both sides are the only ones speaking up, the majority suffers.” Not exactly the answer the liberal elites were looking for, huh ?

Now Grenell is back with an insightful tweet: “How many ‘reporters’ do you think realize they are falling for the Obama campaigns’ distractions?”

Hmm. I suppose there are those in the media too dim to realize they are conduits for the Obama campaign’s inanity, but that state of mind would require enormous cluelessness. Besides, reporters are a cynical lot, and they pretty much know that they are being fed a steady diet of trivial, distracting and wholly negative story lines about Romney.

That suggests the answer to Grenell’s question is “almost all of them.” Now some in the mainstream media may feel compelled to go along with the crowd, while others don’t have the time or interest to pursue stories that would require leg work and wouldn’t be spoon-fed to them. And still others are happy to push a story line thought to benefit the Obama campaign.

But unless the “news” media cop to cluelessness, it seems there are two honest ways to convey to voters the string of Obama team-generated nonsense stories. One would be to identify them as such: “In the latest negative attack on Mitt Romney designed to distract voters . . .”

The alternative would be to stop labeling stories as news. Either the campaign can pay for ads like others trying to sell their wares in the media or it can be taken up by MSNBC and other demarcated bastions of pro-Obama spin.

Either option would be preferable to concealing what the media has been enlisted to do. And it sure would open up some room for actual reporting on Obama’s record, the economy, etc. Oh, wait. Yes, I guess this isn’t going to work.

The Romney team lost a fine spokesman when Grenell quit, but Grenell might cause more trouble off the campaign than on it. At least now he can call out the media for its endemic bias.