Continetti is guest-blogging for The Post.

I went on NPR’s “On Point” program this morning to talk about — what else — Donald Trump’s potential presidential candidacy. Before the interview I read Trump’s USA Today op-ed, “Obama, come clean.” The headline implies that Trump is continuing his quest to uncover President Obama’s actual birthplace and maybe recover the lost ark of the covenant while he’s at it. But what struck me was that Trump seems desperate to move beyond the “birther” issue:

There are many important and pressing issues that, should I elect to run, I will address — including China, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, the price of fuel, unfair trade, unsustainable debt, the creation of jobs and the rising price of food.

Most Americans would prefer to have a serious conversation about these critical issues, followed by a competent and fearless leader who can advance them. Sadly, the press has en masse chosen to glom onto but one of the myriad issues I have discussed and would tackle as president.

Allow me to repeat here what I have said on numerous occasions: I have spoken my piece on this issue, and many people have the same doubts as I have. My concern lies with people like the single mom who recently wrote to me that she now works a third job to pay for the gas to get to the other two.

Maybe Trump has realized that the way to unseat Obama isn’t through his birth certificate but through criticism of his budget, tax, health care, monetary and energy policies. That’s what Michele Bachmann seems to have figured out:

“That should settle it,” Bachmann said when George Stephanopoulos showed her a copy of the president’s certificate of live birth.

Slowly, GOP politicians are recognizing that the folks most in love with the birther issue are liberals — it paints the conservative base as loony and distracts from trillion-dollar deficits and $4-a-gallon gas. Republicans: Don’t give MSNBC what it wants! End the birther madness today.