It is almost inexplicable to political insiders and likely infuriating to Democrats, but Hilary Rosen, who has done more to solidify the GOP base and chase the Democrats off the “war on women” hooey” than any single person, will be on “Meet the Press” this Sunday. That will ensure that the story, a mini disaster for President Obama, continues on through Sunday and likely into Monday.

There is no good that can come of this for Obama. Even if Rosen is repentant the story gets new oxygen. And if she, as is likely, says, “I am sorry, but. . .” and then continues to claim that Ann Romney, who is a cancer survivor and MS patient, doesn’t understand ordinary voters or that Republicans don’t understand women, the backlash will continue.

So why is she doing it? As a PR professional, doesn’t she understand the folly of her dragging out the story? A sympathetic Republican official told me if it were he, he’d sure want to “clear my name” and preserve his professional credibility. “What does Rosen tell her PR clients? ‘This is how I handled it’ [when she was the subject of a PR disaster].”

Going on “Meet the Press” is, to say the least, a risky move for the president and Rosen’s reputation. It will also be an interesting test for “Meet the Press” host David Gregory. Will he grill Rosen or ease her way in managing her damage control? Will her ask her how many times she visited the White House and on what matters she advised the president? We’ll have to watch and find out.

UPDATE: Sanity has prevailed and she will not appear. But alas, she will be discussed, as will her nonappearance.