Barry Diller and Tina Brown are two of the stars in the liberal media world. Both have benn outspoken backers of liberal politicians and causes. So I was more than a little amused when a media colleague showed me an invitation for a Newsweek/Daily Beast breakfast on July 27, co-hosted by the two of them as well as Stephen Colvin — in honor of Jon Huntsman. Here it is:

For a campaign supposedly searching for “conservatives,” I don’t think Huntsman is going to the right place. I asked his campaign why the event hadn’t been announced publicly and whether any conservative media outlets or journalists had been invited. No answer.

With each day, the Huntsman campaign seems less and less like a serious attempt to gain a foothold in the primary and more like a stunt by Huntsman to become the “conservative” (but not really) darling of liberal media outlets. The latter objective, unlike the campaign itself, makes sense. It does, however, confirm just how consultant-driven some campaigns can be. All you need is a lot of money, no qualms about wasting it and an eager consultant (John Weaver, in this case) telling the candidate, “The party is just waiting for a candidate like you!” Actually, not so much.