The Post reports former GOP presidential candidate and Utah governor Jon Huntsman will join the center-left Brookings Institution.

In some sense this is appropriate. He’s too pompous and boring to take his anti-Republican condescension to MSNBC. After a stint in the Obama administration and his sniping at conservatives for being anti- science, he’s not welcome in Republican circles.

But in another sense it’s a peculiar choice. Brookings features some of the more highly regarded national security gurus and anti-isolationists from the center of the political spectrum including Ken Pollack, Robert Kagan and Ben Wittes. How is Huntsman, who has taken a knee-jerk anti-internationalist position more akin to the left-wing Center for American Progress, going to fit in? Meanwhile on economics he’s ditched his preference for cap-and-trade and sounds like the Cato crowd (flat tax, no deductions).

Truth be told, hardly anyone is all that interested in hearing from Huntsman. On the other hand, if he swapped parties and ran as a Democrat, he might regain some currency. Come to think of it, if that strategy is to work, there is no better place to start than Brookings.