1. If Mitt Romney wins the election, will the left vilify Chief Justice Roberts for pulling him across the finish line?

2. Will the next Supreme Court justice appointed by a Republican president promise not to rewrite laws to protect the reputation of the court for not rewriting laws?

3. Will Attorney General Eric Holder get thrown under the bus before or after the election?

4. Who will be the first Senate Democrat to say he wouldn’t have voted for a tax on the middle-class if he knew what he was voting for?

5. Will “to pull a Roberts” become a term of art for trying to help your side against its will? (Or doing a different job than what you were asked to perform?)

6. How many separate votes will the Republicans force Democrats in the House and Senate to take on Obamacare before the election?

7. Will any line in Romney’s RNC speech get more applause than, “On day one I’ll repeal Obamacare”?

8. Are any Democrats are now just a wee bit nervous that President Obama set the precedent for amending laws by not enforcing them?

9. Will some conservative suggest legislation and/or a constitutional amendment prohibiting taxation on inactivity?

10. Will every GOP House and Senate candidate ask his Democratic opponent, “If you knew now that you were voting for a tax and it cost _____ more than advertised, would you still have voted for Obamacare?”