If Mitt Romney wins we can look forward to:

Finding out what happened in Benghazi.

The mainstream media resuming an adversarial relationship with the White House.

Repudiation of Mediscare politics.

Democrats defending the Senate as a deliberative and properly obstructionist body.

Another barrier falling for a minority, this time religious, seeking the presidency.

A new wave of Hillarymania.

If President Obama wins we can look forward to:

Seeing what “more flexibility” regarding Russia means.

Joe Biden beginning his 2016 presidential campaign.

Watching Obama dodge Benghazi questions for many more months.

Sandra Fluke and Big Bird breathing a sigh of relief.

Obama finally going to Israel.

That Obama immigration reform push we’ve been waiting for.

Either way, we can all enjoy the respite from: fights over voter identification in polls, debates and the moderators thereof, political ads, and associating 1 p.m. with Gallup. More important, the country can turn to trying to solve the huge problems we face. The hard part, remember, comes after the election.