I would encourage all Right Turn readers to take a look at Sen. Joe Lieberman’s op-ed in the Post. It starts like this: “I have been watching the recent controversy over Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith through two prisms. One is the vision of the appropriate relationship between government and religion, as set out by America’s Founders; the other is my own experience in 2000 as the first Jewish American to be nominated for national office.”

Lieberman makes a key point, namely that the incident involving the Rev. Robert Jeffress is not merely about Mormonism.

I hope and believe that Americans of all faiths — and of no faith — will not base their votes on the fact that Romney’s Mormon faith seems ‘different.’ Just as Americans rose above differences when John F. Kennedy’s Roman Catholic faith was ‘different’ in 1960, and 16 years later when Jimmy Carter’s Christian evangelical faith was ‘different,’ and again in 2000 when my Jewish faith was ‘different,’ Romney must be judged on his personal qualities, experience and ideas for America’s future.

Candidates should know that religious minorities other than Mormons are especially sensitive to this stuff. They understand the implications for themselves. So along with courting the “Jewish vote” with Orthodox rabbis in New York and voicing staunchly pro-Israel views, the candidates who want Jewish and Catholic voters, as well as all others, would do well to denounce Jeffress.

Read Lieberman’s piece in its entirety — it’s well worth your time.