What is the question each of the candidates would least like to be asked? I’ve got some suggestions.

Mr. Cain, isn’t 9-9-9 a VAT?

Gov. Perry, Mr. Cain said he’d let states decide on gay marriage. Wasn’t that your position as late as July 23?

Mr. Santorum, you lost big in 2006 in your home state. Why are you now electable?

Mr. Gingrich, your speakership spawned a rebellion in your own ranks. Why should we believe you now can exercise political leadership effectively?

Congressman Paul, if U.S. action were needed to prevent Israel’s destruction, would you authorize it?

Congresswoman Bachmann, on what major piece of federal legislation have you compromised?

Mr. Romney, if you had to do it again, would you have used an individual mandate to cure the “free rider” problem, or would you have used another mechanism?

Right Turn will be back after the debate with a recap and analysis.