Continetti is guest-blogging for The Post.

A candidate for president needs money, grass-roots support, establishment backing (or at least acquiescence) and a message. In 2008, Mitt Romney had everything but a message. He couldn’t decide whether he was Mr. Turnaround or Mr. Conservative. The incoherence amplified doubts about his sincerity on social issues, and it was one reason Romney failed to capture the imaginations of Republican voters.

This time around, Romney's found his message. His purposeful and unrelenting attacks on President Obama’s economic record are pitch-perfect. So far, Romney’s avoided the media’s social-issue snare traps. He also seems much more comfortable in his new role as economic critic in chief.

Romney’s new message is central to his status as front-runner for the Republican nomination. Can he keep it up over the course of the next six months? And will voters overlook his record on health care and abortion? And will they trust him in the end?

 We’ll see.