Concerned Women of America, a 500,000-member organization of social conservative women, provides further proof that Herman Cain is taking Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s support. Its Legislative Action Committee has been doing online polling of its members since August on their choices for the GOP presidential nominee. (About 110,00 took part in the poll.) On September 20, Perry led the pack with 25.6 percent. Cain was at about 10 percent and Romney was down below 7 percent. On October 3, its poll shows Cain with over 36 percent of the polled vote. Perry and Romney are both below 10 percent.

Executive director Penny Nance emails me: “Conservatives, especially women, are very ambivalent about the GOP field. CWA polling shows that they currently overwhelmingly prefer Herman Cain now that he has staked out a positive plan for the economy rooted in conservative, free market principles.” As for the leader in most public polling, she writes, “Deep doubts about Mitt Romney continue as now Cain has almost pulled even with Romney on the question of who do people think will win the nomination. That is a significant shift from previous surveys which showed while most preferred someone else they thought Romney would win. The ground is shifting.”

We’ve seen this before in the race. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) entered strongly, but Perry entered and stole nearly her entire base of support. She still hasn’t bounced back. Now Cain’s snatched these same voters from Perry. Neither Perry or Cain have been able to reach outside that base. Hence, Romney continues to coast.