Donald Trump’s television show is good to go for next season. Did we imagine that Trump would allow his franchise to go forward without him?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) says that increasing the debt ceiling is a “great” chance to address our fiscal problems. Like I say, never let a good debt-ceiling fight go to waste.

A superb criminal defense attorney can do only so much. “The arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn on charges of sexually assaulting a hotel cleaning woman in New York City is a personal humiliation for the French politician, but it is also a black mark on the International Monetary Fund, . . . [which] chose to overlook his previous sexual behavior. It will be fascinating to see how the grandees of French and international financial politics handle this one.

An excellent summation by Jonathan Capehart. “John Ensign: creep.”

A tremendous amount of self-control was no doubt exercised by Rep. Paul Ryan’s spokesman in responding to Newt Gingrich’s downright weird outing on “Meet the Press,” in which he called Ryan’s Medicare plan radical. “Far from claims of radicalism, the gradual, common-sense Medicare reforms ensure that no senior will be forced to reorganize their lives because of government’s mistakes. The most ‘radical’ course of action on Medicare is continue to cling to the unsustainable status quo.”

“Serious leaders,” he adds, without naming names, “owe seniors specific solutions to avert Medicare’s looming collapse.”

A wonderful opening for her. “Michele Bachmann, who didn’t put out a statement praising [Mike] Huckabee, is nevertheless using his decision . . . to forgo the 2012 race to build support for herself in this Facebook ad.”

Wouldn’t it be a terrific time for Tom Friedman to apologize for decades of shilling for authoritarian regimes? All right, whom am I kidding? Now he’s feeling all warm and fuzzy about freedom. “Watching the Arab uprisings these days leaves me with a smile on my face and a pit in my stomach. The smile comes from witnessing a whole swath of humanity losing its fear and regaining its dignity. The pit comes from a rising worry that the Arab Spring may have been both inevitable and too late. If you are not feeling both these impulses, you’re not paying attention.” If you’re not disgusted by the hypocrisy, you’re not paying attention.