For now, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) gets a 100 percent rating from Club for Growth. But if he introduces a budget plan with tax hikes, watch him go from hero to goat.

For now, Republican governors are championing change and President Obama is touting the status quo. “President Barack Obama says he strongly disapproves of new laws restricting public employee unions in Ohio and Wisconsin and says states should not use the financial crisis as an excuse to erode bargaining rights.”

For now, Ben Bernanke’s “strong dollar” isn’t so strong. “Investors wasted no time in sending the dollar to new three-year lows after the Federal Reserve gave them little reason to support it.”

For now, Mitt Romney can’t convince even Massachusetts voters of the merits of RomneyCare. “A majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents in Massachusetts would like to see the 2006 health care law enacted by then-Gov. Mitt Romney and the state legislature repealed and replaced with something else, according to a new survey by Magellan Strategies for NH Journal. . . . Fifty-three percent of respondents said they wanted to see the Massachusetts law repealed, while only twenty-nine percent said they wanted to keep it. Eighteen percent were undecided or unsure. Overall the plan is unpopular with Massachusetts Republicans. Fifty-one percent have an unfavorable opinion of it (Thirty-four percent view it very unfavorably) while only thirty percent view it favorably.”

For now, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is the most decisive voice on Syria. “As ill-advised as it was to restore diplomatic relations with Syria by sending an American ambassador to Damascus last year, we should now sever ties and recall the ambassador at once. While Syria is already under heavy U.S. sanctions as a designated state sponsor of terror, we should expand sanctions to include persons identified as authorizing, planning, or participating in deplorable human rights violations against unarmed civilians. Our partners in Europe, Turkey, and the Arab Gulf share many of our interests in Syria and play a large role in that country, and the president must put the full diplomatic weight of the United States behind an effort to convince them to adopt meaningful economic and diplomatic sanctions targeting Assad and his enablers in the regime.”

For now, attention shifts to Donald Trump’s paperwork. “Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, opened a breakfast speech here Thursday before the Merrimack County Republican Committee with a new demand for proof – not of President Obama’s citizenship, but of Donald Trump’s Republican credentials. ‘I’ve come to New Hampshire today because I’m very concerned,’ Mr. Paul said. “I want to see the original long-form certificate of Donald Trump’s Republican registration.’” Heh.

For now, Ruth Marcus, the New York Times and I are in agreement. Really! Well, at least on the King & Spalding scandal.