Say, “AMERICA!!”

What can we say about America? “Its determination reaches across administrations and to the farthest parts of the world.” It is what superpowers do.

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) says it: “Justice is done.”

Obama says “I” more than any president in my lifetime. Elliott Abrams writes: “It is entirely appropriate that Mr. Obama and the Administration get and take a fair amount of credit. It is therefore unfortunate that Mr. Obama seems to want more than that fair share the American people will naturally and rightly give him. His remarks last night were far too much laced with words like ‘I met repeatedly,’ ‘at my direction,’ and ‘I determined,’ trying to take personal credit for the years of painstaking work by our intelligence community. Mr. Obama might have noted that this work began under President Bush, but as usual he did not.”

Thomas Donnelly says it’s the continuity: “The ability to generate the intelligence and conduct the raid is the product of years of effort, not just by the intelligence and special operations communities but by the entire American military, diplomatic corps, and political leadership. It’s the result of persistence, not just inspiration. The opportunity would never have come about but for the continuity of U.S. policy from the Bush to Obama administrations, by the sacrifices of Americans in uniform and across the government, of our allies — most especially our Muslim allies.”

Maybe after yesterday’s news more of us can agree that what Donald Trump says is essentially meaningless.

John Brennan says it is “inconceivable” the Pakistanis didn’t assist Obama. But did they finally give him up?

I would say so: “Bin Laden’s Death Likely to Deepen Suspicions of Pakistan.”