They mock her, but they can’t wait to get their picture taken with her. Sarah Palin is the star attraction at the Tammy Haddad brunch. “Once inside, guests of all stripes angled to get a picture with Palin, including astronaut Buzz Aldrin. The hubbub was enough to cause one reporter to quip: ‘Look at all these reporters who typically rip her a new one mosey on up to her, desperate to get a photograph.’”

Bashar al-Assad is on a killing spree, but Obama exempts him from any sanctions. “Syrian security forces besieging the city of Daraa have been ordered to use ‘any means necessary’ to crush the rebellion that sparked the weeks-long uprising against the regime of President Bashar Assad, a Syrian military source said Saturday.”

The media love to write about intraparty fighting in the GOP, but for now the Republicans are united. “House Republicans have stayed united behind a budget proposal imposing major changes to Medicare after a two-week recess highlighted by attacks on the plan.”

The Obama administration has denied we are planning to take out Moammar Gaddafi, but “The government of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi said he survived an airstrike in Tripoli late Saturday night that killed one of his sons and three grandchildren, in the sharpest intensification yet of the NATO air campaign intended to pressure the Libyan leader from power.”

Mitt Romney is the supposed GOP front-runner, but he seems to be hiding from coverage. “Public appearances by Romney anywhere this year have been rare. He announced the formation of his campaign committee with a low-key video on his Web site. Major speeches have been fleeting (although advisers say those will come in due time), as have television appearances or interviews. When Romney has wanted to say something about an issue, he has picked the safest of all forums: the op-ed pages of major newspapers.”

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says he’s not going to be on the 2012 ticket, but what if Paul Ryan asks really nicely?

Christiane Amanpour seems very concerned about Ryan’s political future (or rather, suggesting it’s politically suicidal to be courageous), but he’s not going to be scared off. “Sure. And I hear this all the time from the political people, from the pundits and the pollsters that this could be — this could hurt us politically. I don’t care about that. What I care about is fixing this country and getting this debt situation under control. Look, literally, Christiane, if all we fear about is our political careers, then we have no business having these jobs. If you want to be good at these jobs, you’ve got to be willing to lose the job.”

The media may in a frenzy about Donald Trump, but Bill Kristol says that 2012 is about issues: “We just had a 2010 election which was very issues-heavy, right? . . . . And I think to the degree some of the candidates aren’t taking off is because they sound the way they sounded in 2007. They’re not addressing the current issues. What do they think about the debt ceiling? That’s going to be a huge debate over the next — people want to hear it. And I don’t think you can say, well, I’m not a member of Congress, I don’t have an opinion. And that’s why, incidentally, why is Michele Bachmann catching on? Because she has an opinion and is voting on the actual courage issues of the day.”