First Jews and gays. Now Obama takes Hispanics’ votes for granted. “Leaders of a national Hispanic organization are criticizing President Barack Obama for skipping their annual conference for the third consecutive year after he promised as a candidate in 2008 that he would return as president.” Don’t they know — he really wants comprehensive immigration reform!

We’ve learned to take for granted that most of what comes out of the 9th Circuit is wrong. This one, more than most: “The U.S. Supreme Court has shelved a major gender discrimination lawsuit against Wal-Mart. In a unanimous decision, the court ruled Monday that the lawsuit by a number of women who work for the retailer cannot move forward as a class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit could have involved over 1.5 million current and former female employees of the retail giant and potentially billions of dollars in damages.”

We’ve come to take for granted the incompetence of government. But this is a doozy: “Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Acting Director Kenneth Melson is facing pressure to resign over a poorly run gun-trafficking operation blamed for putting weapons in the hands of a border agent’s killers.”

I took it for for granted that once Obama was elected the rise of the oceans would slow. Nope: “Sea level has been rising significantly over the past century of global warming, according to a study that offers the most detailed look yet at the changes in ocean levels during the last 2,100 years. The researchers found that since the late 19th century — as the world became industrialized — sea level has risen more than 2 millimeters per year, on average. That’s a bit less than one-tenth of an inch, but it adds up over time.” Umm, if it’s been rising since the late 19th century could it be unrelated to . . . oh never mind. No room for scientific inquiry in the Obama era.

I think we can all take for granted that whatever the Obama team is doing to head this off is ineffective. “Israel’s UN ambassador tells U.S. Jews: Prepare for September vote on Palestinian state.”

Conservatives take for granted that the White House and Democratic-controlled majority are embarrassed by the lack of a budget in two years. Not so; Obama flack says it’s okay!

We shouldn’t take for granted an internationalist GOP. The Republican debate in New Hampshire was telling: “Not one stepped forward to argue for success in Afghanistan or to lay out a vision for a vigorous conservative internationalism — and some, like Mitt Romney, pandered to perceived isolationist sentiment by talking withdrawal instead of victory. This is troubling. Because so little was said on foreign policy in the debate, it is hard to tell whether this is a sign of resurgent isolationism or simply political opportunism. But this much is certain: It would be disastrous for the party, and the country, if those seeking the Republican nomination decided that the best path to presidency was to claim the mantle of Pat Buchanan instead of the mantle of Ronald Reagan.”

You can take for granted that despite the MSM’s infatuation with Jon Huntsman, there is much more support in the actual GOP (oh yes, the party that’s selecting the nominee) for this sentiment. “[John] Bolton wonders why Huntsman, if he is a conservative, decided to accept the president’s appointment. ‘There is no patriotic obligation to help advance the career of a politician who is otherwise pursuing interests that are fundamentally antithetical to your values. That’s not the call of patriotism,’ he says. ‘I don’t understand it. This is not like World War II, when we are facing an existential threat to the country as a whole, and you do put partisanship aside.’ ” Sort of game, set and match on that point.