Who’s destroying Medicare as we know it? “The Obama administration has repeatedly claimed that the health-reform bill it passed last year improved Medicare’s finances. Although you’d never know it from the current state of the Medicare debate—with the Republicans being portrayed as the Medicare Grinches—the claim is true only because ObamaCare explicitly commits to cutting health-care spending for the elderly and the disabled in future years.”

Who’s advising Tim Pawlenty on the real significance of the Supreme Court’ ruling yesterday on an Arizona immigration law? “I also am pleased that Justice Elena Kagen properly recused herself from participating in this ruling because of her previous position as President Obama’s Solicitor General, a precedent she must also follow when Obamacare is presented before the court.” Good catch.

Who’s doing the most for Bibi Netanyahu’s popularity? President Obama. Seems standing up to him is good politics in Israel: “47 percent of the Israeli public believes the U.S. trip was a success, while only 10 percent viewed it as a failure.. . . While in a Haaretz poll five weeks ago Netanyahu seemed to be in hot water with the public, with 38 percent expressing satisfaction with his performance and 53 percent disappointed with it, in yesterday’s poll the results were essentially reversed: 51 percent were satisfied, while 36 percent were not.”

Who’s being hyper-partisan on Israel now? “Rep. Wasserman Schultz: GOP Pushing ‘Outright Lies’ on Obama Israel Stance.” Sad. (And sort-of-over-the-top defensive. The lady doth protest too much?)

Who’s in the most trouble over health care? “The Kaiser Health Tracking Poll in May skews Democratic by 9 percentage points, yet its results among those who feel strongly (either way) go against Obamacare by 10 percentage points. The monthly Kaiser poll includes 34 percent Democrats and only 25 percent Republicans. Despite this lopsided sampling, however, far more respondents hold ‘very unfavorable’ views about Obamacare (29 percent) than ‘very favorable’ views about it (19 percent).”

Who’s Obama helping here (our democratic ally or the unity government co-run by Hamas)? Charles Krauthammer leaves no doubt: “Note how Obama has undermined Israel’s negotiating position. He is demanding that Israel go into peace talks having already forfeited its claim to the territory won in the ’67 war — its only bargaining chip. Remember: That ’67 line runs right through Jerusalem. Thus the starting point of negotiations would be that the Western Wall and even Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter are Palestinian — alien territory for which Israel must now bargain. The very idea that Judaism’s holiest shrine is alien or that Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter is rightfully or historically or demographically Arab is an absurdity. And the idea that, in order to retain them, Israel has to give up parts of itself is a travesty.”

Who’s got a “Brezhnev doctrine”? The Saudis, explains Elliott Abrams: “[F]or the Saudis, it’s fine if citizens of a fake republic like Tunisia or Egypt demand a real republic with real elections and democracy. But they draw the line at monarchies: kings have to stay in charge. So they lecture the kings of Morocco and Jordan to be careful about too many reforms. . . . And in Bahrain, they put down a revolt that might have brought [down the] constitutional monarchy.”

Who’s the latest Democratic senator “under the politically-dangerous 50 percent mark”? Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.)