Can we find someone else to oppose the monstrosity on the Mall? “USIP, a conflict resolution organization created by Congress in 1984 and funded by the U.S. government ever since, is embroiled in a fight for its very existence. Caught up in the firestorm of GOP budget cutting that specifically targets foreign aid and diplomacy funding, USIP is battling hard to preserve its funding and the charter that allows it to continue as a policy research body whose work is integrated with the U.S. government and military. There are plenty of GOP lawmakers who have their targets set on USIP but, until today, there was only one senior Democrat who had taken an active role in trying to defund the organization — Weiner.”

Maybe the Democrats should go searching for another issue to demagogue. “A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll asks Americans whether they would be more likely or less likely to vote for a candidate who ‘supports changing Medicare for those under 55 to a system where people choose their insurance from a list of private health plans and the government pays a fixed amount, sometimes called a voucher, towards that cost.’ . . . The results: 38% are more likely to vote for a candidate who supports Ryan’s Medicare reform, 37% are less likely to vote for that candidate, while 18% say it makes ‘no difference’ in determining their vote, and 7% are not sure.”

While the peace processors go looking for ways to lure the terrorist Hamas-Fatah government to the bargaining table, Israel deals with a dangerous neighborhood. “The Israeli Defense Forces held a large drill Wednesday in preparation of the flotilla that intends to set sail to the Gaza Strip later this month. The drill focused on different scenarios that might occur at sea and methods to deal with them.”

Rick Richman shoots down the administration’s look at a failed 1969 proposal to justify undermining Israel’s bargaining position. I remain amazed that the White House devotes this much time to spinning and so little time to policy-making.

Look no further than the Code Pink rally to understand how virulently anti-Israel the hard left has become. “Code Pink, the left-wing, anti-war group that made themselves famous by heckling senior officials at committee hearings, took their show on the road to Foggy Bottom on Thursday on behalf of activists planning to launch a flotilla to Gaza.” The “activists” are in league with the terror-related IHH. Interesting that Peter Beinart essentially shares Code Pink’s position.

I’m searching for the Glenn Beck attackers ( Jewish Funds for Justice et. al.) to go after the labor boss on this: “Gov. Chris Christie is like Adolf Hitler and New Jersey is like Nazi Germany, a local labor leader declared at a rally against the governor’s proposed pension reform moves Thursday.”

Democrats have searched for reassurance on 2012. The GOP field is weak! We’ll scare old people! But the numbers suggest voters are looking for a change. (Hope, too.) “Forty-four percent of registered voters say they are more likely to vote for ‘the Republican Party’s candidate’ and 39% for Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election, according to Gallup’s June update.”

If you’re looking for trillions in cuts why hold up a deficit reduction deal for a balanced budget amendment that can’t pass the Senate and wouldn’t kick in for seven years anyway? Got me.

Voters will be searching for someone to blame in 2012. A key GOP senator makes a suggestion: “Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) accused President Obama on Wednesday of standing idly by while Medicare goes bankrupt. ‘President Obama has said he’s willing to make some tough decisions, but yet he refuses to provide concrete and constructive and meaningful proposals to deal with this impending insolvency on one of our most important government programs,’ Cornyn said from the Senate floor.”