You won’t find a more vivid description of Jerusalem. A sample: “There’s no stinting in Israel, not with food and not with intrusiveness. No matter what you order at a restaurant — even a grilled cheese sandwich — your plate arrives with food enough for three. If you don’t finish every bite, you get this: ‘What, you didn’t like the food? It didn’t taste good? You want something different? You’re not feeling well?’ ” Enjoy the whole thing.

A vivid display of Democratic cluelessness on the debt crisis: “Democratic leaders called on Wednesday for additional spending to boost the sluggish U.S. economy, setting up a fresh hurdle for bipartisan efforts in Washington to head off a government debt default this summer.” The average American must think they are bonkers.

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) gives a vivid example of how not to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate: “Paul brushed aside concerns about an increased terrorist threat if U.S. troops leave, arguing that a complete withdrawal from Afghanistan will actually make the U.S. safer. . . . ‘We have our differences on some of the trade [issues], and why do our companies go to China? In some ways they embarrass us because they’re more capitalist than we are.’ ” Thunk.

A vivid bit of testimony on the looming bankruptcy of “Medicare as we know it.” The short version: Beginning in 2024 we’d see an average 17 percent cut in benefit payments.

A vivid illustration of the extent of President Obama’s hypocrisy on the War Powers Act. This actually makes sense: “Obama should appoint John Yoo to head OLC [Office of Legal Counsel].” I’m pretty sure Yoo wouldn’t take the job, but the confirmation hearing would be a blast.

A vivid confirmation that elections have consequences. Thanks to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), the D.C. school choice program is back. “At a special event this Saturday, June 25, 2011, low-income D.C. families can apply for Opportunity Scholarships to send their children to participating private K-12 schools during the 2011-2012 school year, the DC Children & Youth Investment Trust Corporation (the Trust) announced today. More than 1,000 scholarships are available.”

A vivid warning to the Obama campaign: The boast that he “saved” the car industry is easily debunked. “Contrary to popular belief, bankruptcy does not mean companies close their doors and send employees home. This is the false message President Barack Obama tried to sell on his victory tour of Detroit. If General Motors had gone through a normal bankruptcy without taxpayer bailouts, there would still be GM jobs — maybe even more than there are now. We do not know because that was the road not taken.We do know, however, what happened to the airlines that went through bankruptcy. Their planes kept flying, and pilots, mechanics and flight attendants reported to work, even if there were fewer of them.” Read the whole thing.