No suspense on this one. Bill Kristol on “Fox News Sunday” tells us: “I think if I were Michele Bachmann, I would already be writing my speech on the House floor on August 2nd, denouncing with deep regret, of course — a speech given in sorrow, not anger — denouncing Speaker [John] Boehner for cutting a bad deal with the president and for not insisting on serious spending cuts and serious reforms and serious budget cuts and the prospect of a balanced budget in the near future. And I think that would be a pretty powerful speech for Michele Bachmann to give on the floor of the House.”

No doubt about what Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has in mind: “Now if we can’t do something really significant about the debt ceiling, that is a really large comprehensive plan that includes entitlement reform, you cannot ignore entitlement reform. Bill Clinton said that. The president and the vice president, everybody knows you have to tackle entitlement reform. If we can’t do that, then we’ll probably end up with a very short-term proposal over, you know, a few months. And we’ll be back having the same discussion again in the fall.”

No spending is too much, no debt too great for the Democrats. “Sunday morning, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer (D) argued that Congress should not let the talks on cutting the deficit distract attention from the need to create more jobs and argued for increased infrastructure investment to tackle the high unemployment rate.” Thunk. “Investment” is so 2010, isn’t it?

No decision, but more evidence Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) is getting ready to enter the race: “Key advisers to Texas Gov. Rick Perry are beginning to lay the groundwork for a campaign for Iowa’s leadoff GOP presidential caucuses in case the Republican decides to seek the 2012 nomination. Perry’s chief consultant, Dave Carney, acknowledged in an interview with the Associated Press that he was making inquiries about the political landscape, the caucus process and potential staff in Iowa.” But if he runs in Iowa and loses to Bachmann, he’s toast.

No one really knows who the new U.S. National Security Council senior director for the Middle East and North Africa is. “Dan Shapiro, who was recently appointed U.S. ambassador to Israel, and Elliott Abrams, who served in the Bush White House — who were familiar to the Jewish community, [Steve] Simon is a relative unknown. . . . Simon is also less well-known in the Washington circles focusing on peace process issues, with the Jewish official describing him as “not a member of the front row of Washington Middle East experts.” But it gets worse: He wrote a book advocating that the U.S. engage Hezbollah. And you thought it couldn’t get any worse.

No, global warming isn’t Jon Huntsman’s biggest problem: “Shortly after Jon Huntsman began his tour as President Barack Obama’s ambassador to China, an unwelcome letter from an anti-Iran nuclear watchdog group arrived at Huntsman Corp., the chemical company founded by his father. The bluntly worded missive singled out a Tehran-based subsidiary — purchased when Huntsman worked for the company — for selling polyurethane that could be used in solid fuel for Iranian missiles, among other things.”

No better demonstration of the arrogance and lack of self-awareness of the left than Jon Stewart’s appearance on “Fox News Sunday.” Liberal bias in the media, what liberal bias? (They don’t even know they are biased, sadly.)