Picking winners and losers, but mostly losers. “A California-based solar company that received a $535 million loan guarantee from the Obama administration announced Wednesday that it will shut down.”

The job speech is looking like a loser. Wisdom from Mickey Kaus: “If he has nothing big to say, Big Speech will flop like his other Big Speeches. If he has something big to say, doesn’t need the Big Speech.”

The president comes out the loser if he can’t even figure out how to book the Capitol for a speech. “Usually, the WH will work out a date in private with the Speaker & Majority Leader before going public with a request.” Except if the White House is staffed by imperious incompetents.

In the “Who’s the adult in the room?”contest Obama comes out the loser. “If [the scheduling conflict] was an attempt to make Republicans look unreasonable, then, in almost every conceivable way, it failed spectacularly. And scheduling the speech during the GOP debate, even if Boehner had immediately acceded, is the one way the White House could guarantee a) that fewer voters would be watching and that b) viewers and pundits would pay less attention to the speech’s content and more to the theatrics around it. In other words, it’s the easiest way to lessen the speech’s impact. If this is a preview of Obama’s re-election campaign, Democrats should be very worried.” Read the whole thing.

The American people came out the losers when Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) decided not to run for president. Listen to him explain why he decided to stay in Congress.

William Galston says Mitt Romney has to convince Republicans that Texas Gov. Rick Perry would be a loser in the general election. Galston may be right, but it’s tough for a GOP candidate to say that about a popular conservative, unless, of course the conservative has written a wacky book and said a lot of extreme things.

For Jewish Republicans the only real loser in the bunch is Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.). “Romney, seen as the business-friendly favorite of establishment Republicans, has been popular with Jewish donors to the GOP. But while Perry’s harder-edged conservatism and religion-tinged rhetoric may make him a tougher sell to centrists, prominent Jewish GOPers say he’ll have little trouble courting Republican Jews who are hungry for a victory in 2012.”

The group the Democrats are most financially dependent upon is increasingly unpopular. That relationship ultimately is a loser for Democrats. “Approval of Labor Unions Holds Near Its Low, at 52%.”