Why we should be circumspect about Libya. “Of course, revolution is perforce a messy thing, whose beauty is all in the eye of the beholder. . . . Today, at any rate, there’s no mistaking the Zionist/Jew-hatred simmering hot in the Islamist Arab heart of Egypt: The Muslim Brotherhood’s insistence on abrogating the peace with Israel, the fatwa against Zionists, the death threat against the Israeli ambassador say it all.”

Why President Obama shouldn’t be taking bows for Libya. “The U.S. decision to limit its involvement several weeks into the conflict caused cash-strapped European governments to run short on ammunition and scramble to effectively deploy their limited military resources. A more robust use of force during this initial period, including greater use of ground-attack aircraft such as AC-130s and A-10s, could have completely crippled Qaddafi’s forces at the onset. The president’s declaration that there would not be any American boots on the ground left allied special forces on their own to assist the untrained rebel forces and guide NATO air strikes. The participation of American special operators would have undoubtedly put the alliance in a stronger position to pressure Qaddafi. All of these actions allowed Qaddafi to stay in power for months longer than necessary, resulting in countless unnecessary deaths.”

Why Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) should be concerned. “With his status as a newly minted front-runner in the nation’s first voting state cemented by recent polls, Rick Perry has now put together a formidable Iowa campaign team to match the early momentum he has generated there.”

Why there is no two-state solution. “The Palestinian Authority is telling its people that peace with Israel is not a goal. Instead, the PA says that all of Israel is ‘Palestine,’ and that no compromise is acceptable because this principle is ‘the only red line.’ ”

Why the presidential race starts in earnest next month. “The eight qualifying GOP presidential candidates have agreed to attend the Sept. 7 Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation debate.”

Why those 2010 “recovery summer” boasts are going to come back to haunt. “New applications for U.S. unemployment compensation rose 5,000 to 417,000, the Labor Department said Thursday. Initial claims from two weeks ago were revised up to 412,000 from an original reading of 408,000.”

Why Obama didn’t tell you the truth on keeping your insurance. “A new survey of 368 midsize to large companies found that 29% of them are considering terminating their active employee health care plans when Obamacare is full implemented in 2014. Only 71% of employers surveyed said they did not expect to drop their health coverage, while 20% said they did not know and 9% said they were planning to exit.”

Why Obama is different from Ronald Reagan. “It isn’t the nature of the crisis Mr. Obama inherited, but the nature of his policy prescriptions. Reagan applied tax cuts and other policies that, yes, took the deficit to unchartered peacetime highs. But that borrowing financed a remarkable and prolonged economic expansion and a victory against the Evil Empire in the Cold War. What exactly have Mr. Obama’s deficits gotten us?”

Why Republicans should continue to oppose tax hikes. “Since January, Illinois started losing jobs. Big time. In fact, in July 2011, Illinois lost more jobs than any other state in the nation. It lost 24,900 non-farm payroll jobs in July as its unemployment rate climbed for the third straight month to 9.5%. So Illinois was steadily adding jobs and then . . . bam! . . . it is losing more jobs than any other state in the nation. What happened? Tax increases. In early January, a Democrat legislature along with a Democrat governor passed a 67% personal income tax increase along with a 46% hike on corporate tax rates.” And if you think corporations can’t move countries like they move from state to state, think again.