Mitt Romney correctly states the law and basic economic principles regarding corporations. The left goes nuts.

President Obama says congressional opponents are putting party above county. (“Obama plays patriotism card.”) The left thinks it is a swell campaign slogan.

Obama struggles. The left complains: “Some liberal pundits are complaining about him, charging that he lacks empathy, needs to connect better with ordinary Americans and has to show strength against his Republican opponents. ‘What happened to Obama?’ was the title of a New York Times opinion article on Sunday by Drew Westen, a psychology professor at Emory University in Atlanta, who argued that Obama ‘seems so compelled to take both sides of every issue.’ ”

Obama (in his best imitation of Oliver Cromwell) dismisses the idea of bringing back Congress.“ ‘The last thing we need is Congress spending more time arguing in D.C.,’ Obama, grasping for an aggressive message amid economic turmoil, said to applause from the crowd.” Grasping is putting it kindly. The left will insist he is the adult in the room.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leads from behind. “US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, asked why the United States has not yet called for Syria’s president to step down, said Washington wants other nations to add their voices, according to an interview by the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley released on Thursday.” The left calls this smart diplomacy.

Obama calls for tax hikes. The left wonders why his poll numbers are diving.

Rick Perry is “a hawk internationalist, embracing American exceptionalism and the unique role we must play in confronting the many threats we face. . . . He has no sympathy for the neo-isolationist impulses emanating from some quarters of the Republican Party.” The left will insist he’s George W. Bush II. (Hope so on this issue!)