He was never going to vote for any debt-ceiling bill so why is this important? “Sen. Jim DeMint, R-SC, today expressed his forceful opposition to the various plans rumored to be under consideration by both Senate Democrats and House Republicans, arguing that neither party is producing the spending cuts necessary to prevent the fiscal disaster that would result from a downgrade of the United States credit rating by Moody’s and S&P.”

I don’t think I have ever read a more apt description of the president. George F. Will: “Obama — a demagogue for an age of smooth surfaces; Huey Long with a better tailor — pretended Friday to wonder whether Republicans ‘can say yes to anything.’ ”

The Obama team never learns: Charm is no substitute for substance. And they aren’t that charming. “The Obama administration’s push to mend its relationship with business has gone cold only six months into the effort. Complaints abound about the regulations pouring out of federal agencies to implement the federal healthcare and financial regulation laws.”

Harry Reid shouldn’t expect others ever to understand what is in his plan. He sure doesn’t: “How much does the plan cut up front in 2012? Reid isn’t sure. ‘You know, I am not much of a numbers wonk . . .’ ” So all of his criticisms of the House budgets are just hunches?

Never does it seem to dawn on the left that hyper-regulation kills jobs. “There’s nothing reasonable or balanced about the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to tighten national air-quality standards for ozone emissions at this time. For one thing, it’s premature, coming a full two years before the EPA is scheduled to complete its own scientific study of ozone emissions in 2013. . . . The EPA estimates these new standards could cost business anywhere from $20 billion to $90 billion annually.” And you wonder why employers are frozen.

The Democrats aren’t ever going to impeach him if he keep this up. From Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R): “W/9,500 net new jobs, WI ranked ahead of 43 other states in total net new jobs in June (ex: IL lost 7,200 jobs).”

He never gets tired of this excuse. “Obama: Immigration reform stalled by GOP.” Where’s his plan? Harry Reid’s? At some point people catch on to this hooey.