I don’t get upset when pols, even class warriors, live lavishly. I get upset when they do it on our dime.

A get for Mitt Romney. “Mitt Romney’s campaign announced the endorsement just now of Congressman Tim Griffin, a first-term Republican from Arkansas. Any member of Congress is a nice enough get, but Griffin’s endorsement of Romney is striking because it was only a few months ago that he was boosting another 2012 candidate.” That would be Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whose support in the south has evaporated.

You get the sense he’s got a bigger job in his future. “Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) insisted Wednesday afternoon that he would not accept the vice presidential nomination if it were offered to him. ‘I’m not going to be the vice presidential nominee. I’m not focused on that. I’m focused on my job right now and the answer is going to probably be no,’ he said at The Atlantic’s Washington Ideas Festival. He quickly added, ‘The answer’s going to be no’ when he realized he’d left the door open a crack.” We’ll see.

Ever get the idea these people weren’t ready for primetime? “To watch a liberal get mugged by reality, do an Internet search for the video of Susan Rice at Tuesday night’s Security Council debate on Syria. America’s envoy to the United Nations slammed the Russian and Chinese vetoes of a ‘vastly watered down’ resolution that criticized the Assad regime’s brutal repression of its own people. Ms. Rice pronounced herself ‘outraged’ at the U.N.’s inaction.” Frightful, actually.

Lawmakers get serious about human rights. If they don’t, who will? “The Cable reported yesterday that President Barack Obama waived penalties on several countries that recruit child soldiers for the second year in a row. Today, lawmakers moved to ensure that the administration won’t keep funding governments that use child soldiers next year. . . . [The] administration’s roll out of the decision was panned by the NGO and human rights communities, which see the administration’s action as undermining the intent of the legislation.” Pretty much par for the course for this administration.

You get the feeling it’s going from bad to worse. “When a presidency is experiencing a political collapse, as is happening now, the last thing it needs is to face serious legal and ethical problems. But that is precisely where the Obama administration finds itself with both the Solyndra story and the so-called Fast and Furious program. It’s clear that at a minimum, the Obama administration has given a misleading account of both matters.”

Once we get rid of ObamaCare we can explore viable plans for health-care reform. “In a Sept. 27 speech to the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, the Republican chairman of the House Budget Committee supplied an Obamacare alternative of his own. Ryan has the right diagnosis of what’s wrong with federal health-care policy, and the right prescription, too. He just needs to adjust the dosage. Thanks in large part to Ryan’s efforts, congressional Republicans have already embraced two of the ideas in his speech. They want the federal government to give states a fixed amount of money to run Medicaid, instead of paying for half of whatever the states decide to cover for the poor. And they want to replace Medicare with ‘premium support’ for future senior citizens, who would purchase private insurance using capped federal subsidies.” Read the whole thing.

I think the third-party boosters don’t really get it. Mitt Romney is the closest to a mainstream, technocratic dealmaker they’re going to find. (Really, it seems their beef is with the Democratic Party, which had the center under Bill Clinton and lost it under Obama.)