Uncomfortable. “A conservative student organization at [Texas] Gov. Rick Perry’s alma mater, Texas A&M University, has started a petition requesting that the governor immediately call a special legislative session to end in-state tuition rates for illegal immigrants attending Texas’s public colleges and universities.”

Unfortunately only Rick Santorum is talking about this. “New Egyptian Prime Minister [Essam] Sharaf has blamed a ‘dirty conspiracy’ by foreigners who meddle in Egypt’s business as a cause for the anti-Christian violence we are witnessing in the streets of Cairo, but it is clear that his regime had absolutely no regard for religious liberties and human rights from its inception. President Obama helped break Egypt when he abandoned our imperfect ally Hosni Mubarak, and now he’s witnessing the results. President Obama needs to make a clear and strong stand against this religious persecution, and stand tall for the foundational liberties America has exemplified. We need to be a world leader in ending such persecution because it was this belief in free people that made America not just a revolutionary nation, but a revolutionary ideal.”

Undisputed leader in New Hampshire. Mitt Romney leads by an average of more than 25 points in primary polling.

Unexpected. The Rev. Robert “Jeffress used his moment to create a substance heretofore unknown to nature: sympathy for Mitt Romney.”

Unreal. Every problem for the Obama team is about “messaging.” The Hill: “President Obama has dramatically shifted his tone on the economy, discarding a car-and-Slurpee analogy he often used in 2010 to suggest the nation was headed in the right direction.” Well, that should clear up all that fuss about the economy, I suppose.

Unacceptable for elected leaders to act so irresponsibly. “The Army’s top general says plans to slash Pentagon spending by $450 billion will force the Army to consider cutting combat brigades. He says that will mean the military won’t be able to fight two conventional wars simultaneously — as it has done for the last decade.”

Unremarked upon but still significant. The American Nobel Prize winners for economics seem to have debunked quite a number of the premises on which Obama’s economic policies are based. Worth reading in full.

Unclear how many candidates got the same direction. Herman Cain: “God’s been in this from the beginning because when I first started to feel that I needed to consider running I did a lot of praying. I felt like Moses when God said, ‘I want you to go into Egypt and lead my people out.’ ”

Unlikely, but possible. Michael Gerson spots “South Carolina conservatives warming to Mitt Romney. . . . Romney does not need to win South Carolina, but supporters see an outside shot at victory. A divided Republican primary might be taken with 30 percent of the vote. (Last time, John McCain won with 33 percent.) State polls have Romney averaging around 20 percent among likely voters, while one recent survey has him at 27 percent. If this pattern holds, Romney could pounce late in the process with heavy attention and advertising, perhaps turning a second-place finish into a narrow win.”