An evergreen evaluation of President Obama’s foreign policy: “hopeless, useless, rotten, cowardly, pathetic.” And that’s not all of it.

Could be an evergreen story: President Obama’s approval at a new low in RealClearPolitics polling average.

Unfortunately, an evergreen story: The Fed predicts a weak economy. “The U.S. Federal Reserve signaled it plans to keep its benchmark short-term interest rate close to zero for at least another two years as it sharply downgraded its view of the U.S. economy. In a statement after a one-day policy meeting, Fed officials said they expect the weak economy to warrant exceptionally low levels for the federal funds rate ‘at least through mid-2013.’ ”

Many conservatives hoping this is an evergreen story: Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is taking out some ads in Iowa. (“Paul Ryan to plant a flag in Iowa.”)

Here’s an evergreen story for you: “All that remains of the great hopes Americans and the world had pinned on Obama, inspired by his stirring campaign speeches about change and renewal, is a battlefield of unsatisfactory and contradictory compromises. Obama, who just turned 50 and was once a symbol of youthful change, suddenly seems old and worn out, as gray as his hair has become.” The article explains “How Obama Disappointed the World.”

A dreary evergreen story: “Liberal organizations and unions are frustrated that President Obama has not aggressively pushed a new jobs stimulus agenda, and they are offering up a consolidated fall agenda for Democrats to embrace as an alternative to austerity.” Cause, really, you can never have too much debt, according to Professor Krugman.

Mickey Kaus blows the whistle on Obama’s evergreen excuse: “ ‘Not much further we can cut’ seems like a hanging curve ball, an open invitation for ongoing ridicule — the sort of naive assertion that might come easily to someone who had never worked in the federal government, who only realized after promoting his half-trillion-dollar public works-based stimulus plan that there was ‘no such thing as shovel-ready projects.’ Or someone who doesn’t want to know. Or who wants to act as if he doesn’t know.” Ouch.

An evergreen story, sadly: Obama regulations killing small business. Phil Klein reports on food-labeling regulations. They’re in ObamaCare, you know. And guess what? The regs make things worse: “Even after complying with all the new rules, the customer will actually have less useful information than existed before the law.” Read the whole thing.

It’s becoming an evergreen story: A shake-up in the Jon Huntsman campaign. This time it is “fixer” (Who broke it?) Tom Ingram who is coming on board. No word yet if someone is being pitched overboard.