Mitt Romney is back on top of the polls. For how long?

If it’s in Nevada, John Ralston is on top of it. Those rumors about Romney scheming to move the Nevada primary date up? They’re bunk. “Activists, electeds, donors, all prez campaigns wanted.”

On top of everything else, not even the MSM believes him anymore. “FACT CHECK: Obama claims miss some evidence.” Now, there’s an evergreen headline.

President Obama has not been on top of things (polls, rhetoric, etc.) for a long time. Peter Wehner: “In the president’s press conference today, there were several things that stood out. Mr. Obama continued his compulsive need to blame others for his problems. He continued to make transparently untrue claims (such as implying that ‘every independent economist’ agrees with his second stimulus package and insisting that the Solyndra decision was ‘made on the merits’). He continued to portray himself as a man of incomparable political virtues and his opponents as selfish, uncooperative partisans. None of this is new; in fact, Mr. Obama’s act is all getting a bit tiresome. But what particularly amused me is the president’s imperiousness.”

On top of everything else: “This week the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) admitted the Palestine National Council to a new status, as a ‘Partner for Democracy.’ ” Only one problem; “The members of the PNC are not and have never been elected. No one is quite sure who is a member and who is not, nor how many members there are right now. It last met two years ago.” And these people have the nerve to lecture Israel about democracy.

On top of Obama’s other problems, his vice president is starting to sound a lot saner than he. Joe Biden: “A significant majority of the American people believe that the country is not moving in the right direction. That is never a good place to be going into reelection whether it’s your fault or not your fault. It’s almost sometimes irrelevant.” Read the whole thing.

Two headlines on top of the Hill Web site: “Energy official resigns in wake of Solyndra loan controversy” and “GOP calls for Holder’s resignation intensify.” Do you see the theme here?

On top of the other bad news, someone will have to tell Obama that he’s running against the GOP nominee in 2012. Obama: “If Congress does nothing, then it’s not a matter of me running against them. I think the American people will run them out of town.” So what does he say when Mitt Romney or Herman Cain or whoever says, “I can get Congress to pass a bipartisan jobs bill immediately”? Ummm. Errr.

On top of the moon as far as the left blogosphere goes, but Obama’s in trouble with Americans who actually count. And vote. “Fully 54% of independent voters surveyed by the Pew Research Center said they would support Romney, while fewer, 41%, said they would choose the president.”