Israelis figured out a while back that the Arab Spring would not be an unalloyed blessing. They saw this sort of thing coming: “Israel sought U.S. protection for its embassy . . . [in Cairo] early Saturday, hours after thousands of Egyptian protesters besieged the building, with several managing to gain entry and fling Hebrew-language documents from a balcony. Protesters knocked down a 12-foot concrete wall that had been built last week to protect the embassy, which is near the top floor of a 21-story residential building in the upscale Dokki neighborhood. At least two protesters scaled the front of the building to pull down the Israeli flag, hanging from the 20th floor. It was the second time in recent weeks that demonstrators had removed the flag.”

President Obama is only now figuring it out. “The president’s office said in a statement that Obama expressed great concern about the situation at the Embassy, and the security of the Israelis serving there. The statement said Obama ‘reviewed the steps that the United States is taking at all levels to help resolve the situation without further violence, and to call on the Government of Egypt to honor its international obligations to safeguard the security of the Israeli Embassy.’ ” Perhaps we should stop sending aid until Egypt meets its commitments.

The New York Times has figured it out. “The dismal state of the economy is the main reason many companies are reluctant to hire workers, and few executives are saying that President Obama’s jobs plan — while welcome — will change their minds any time soon.”

The other GOP presidential contenders have figured it out. “Michele Bachmann has been called a ‘bomb-thrower’ before — she’s not exactly known for her diplomacy — but, when it comes to Social Security, she says no need exists to scare people with extreme rhetoric. Is that a reference to Rick Perry’s refreshing talk of monstrous lies and Ponzi schemes? Sure — but Bachmann also skillfully made it about the president.”

You have to figure that these guys will make their goal. “American Crossroads, the well-funded conservative group that played a crucial role in the Republican wave election last year, is bringing rainmaker Haley Barbour on board and doubling its fundraising goal for the 2012 contest, the group announced late Thursday.The ‘super PAC’ and its nonprofit affiliate, Crossroads GPS, will aim to raise an eye-popping $240 million during the 2012 cycle, putting the alliance far ahead of its rivals on either side of the political spectrum.”

The stock market figured out that the Obama jobs plan was bunk. Larry Kudlow: “Who would have really expected a 300-point stock market plunge on the day after President Obama’s so-called jobs speech? Yes, worries over new fears of a Greek default ripped through the markets on Friday. As did fears of an al-Qaeda bombing plot on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. But you can’t help but think that at least some of the stock plunge is a signal of no economic confidence in Obama’s plan. And for that matter, who really expected an unbelievably large $450 billion plan? That’s way more than 50 percent of the original $800 stimulus package in 2009 — which did not work. Leaked reports leading up to the speech suggested a $300 billion plan — already way too big. But $450 billion? At a time of massive deficits and debt? And a downgrade? How is this going to be paid for? That’s what many folks want to know. Obama didn’t tell us.”

Former attorney general Michael Mukasey has Obama figured out. “Mr. Obama’s support for the mosque is an example of what Mr. Mukasey calls the president’s ‘politically correct turn of mind.’ He cites another: ‘Look at the paper that the president issued back in August on dealing with terrorism — community cooperation or something of that sort. It’s meant to sound like harmless pap. It isn’t, really. It suggests that the thing we have to worry about most in the United States is a backlash against Muslims.’ ”

You have to figure that the left hand doesn’t know what the extreme left hand is doing. “Three House Republicans sent a letter . . . to Attorney General Eric Holder, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services Director Daniel Ashe challenging two raids on a Gibson Guitar Corp. factory by federal agents. The Department of Justice is reportedly investigating whether Gibson violated Indian export laws by importing “sawn wood” for their guitars, which in turn would violate the U.S. Lacey Act of 1900. . . . The representatives also noted a report that Gibson Guitar has hired 600 new workers in recent years.”

But maybe we figured out that this is part of a pattern. Larry Kudlow says that a Labor Department probe of homebuilders takes the “regulatory cake.”

You figure that this will make some liberals mad? “Five myths about Dick Cheney.” You bet.