A result of America leading from behind: “The Syrian military defied growing condemnation and launched another assault on the country’s most restive locales Sunday, deploying dozens of tanks and armored vehicles into parts of a city in eastern Syria that it had long feared provoking, activists said. At least 20 people were killed, they said, and thousands had fled the city.”

A result of a failed agenda: pretending you are an outsider. “Knocking Washington gridlock is a favorite topic of Obama’s as well, but he is now firmly part of the landscape that S&P trashed. One element of his reelection strategy involves running against the city he now inhabits — and convincing voters he can still be trusted to tame the partisanship and wealthy special interests that he says often trump the public interest. That’s a much tougher sell now than it was in 2008, when Obama ran as an outsider.” The level of contempt for voters is remarkable.

The result of Obama’s spending spree, as Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) explains: “The president just created two health-care entitlements, expanded Medicaid a third and then put this new rationing board in charge of Medicare. And so, they are unwilling to open up and restructure these entitlements which according to S&P are the primary drivers of this debt. So, yes, we haven’t been able to get the kind of compromise because our partners in the other side of the aisle have been unwilling to reform the programs out of the claws of our future debt problem, and the reason for this downgrade.”

The result of having Big Labor fund the Democratic Party: Anti-jobs positions become party dogma. “Organized labor and other opponents of three pending free-trade deals are ramping up grass-roots campaigns intended to pressure lawmakers to oppose the agreements.While the accords with South Korea, Colombia and Panama have broad support from the White House and Republican leaders, opponents are using the August recess to try to build up opposition.” Big Labor bosses aren’t much in favor of a lot of pro-jobs ideas are they?

One result of a bad economy: It’s hard to get under-performing employees to quit. “Timothy Geithner has told President Barack Obama that he will remain on the job as Treasury secretary.”

The results of a rotten performance in the debt-ceiling negotiations: The Clintonistas are back! “A handful of key aides who worked for [President Bill] Clinton agreed to speak with The Hill on background, in order to avoid potential recriminations. They claim that Obama could have used a better communications game plan, noting that Republicans started to frame the debate at the start of the new Congress in January.” Run Hillary run?

The result of letting John Weaver talk you into spending millions (a lot on him!) to run for president: “Billed as the Republican most feared by President Obama in a general election, the former governor of Utah and ambassador to China is languishing at 2 percent in the polls. In part, it’s the result of the candidate’s lack of spark on the stump and a hastily thrown together campaign rife with internal disputes. But Huntsman’s failure to launch amid such great expectations also reflects the increasingly monolithic ideology of the GOP. At a time when the most conservative, tea party ideologues are dominating Republican politics, Huntsman could be the right candidate with the right message at the wrong time.”

The result of the Obama job shortage: “The unemployment rate fell because 193,000 people left the labor force.” So if they had stayed in we would have lost 76,000 jobs.