In the pages of the New York Times, read the bone-chilling account of the euphemistically dubbed “reduction to a singleton”(that would be “the killing in utero of one perfectly healthy twin”) and the doctors who feel compelled to absolve women of their guilt.

In deep blue New York? “President Barack Obama’s approval rating is under water in blue state New York, 45 percent to 49 percent, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.”

In hellish Syria: “Syria’s security forces opened fire on protesters marching out of mosques in the suburbs of Damascus and in other major cities on Friday, activists said, in a further sign that President Bashar al-Assad remains undeterred by international warnings and sanctions pressing him to stop the violent crackdown.”

In Obama’s leading-from-behind world: “Assad’s regime is evil and murderous. The killing continues each day — including today. The demise of the Assad clique will be a great gain not only for Syrians but for the United States. When asked why it won’t call for Assad to leave the [Obama] administration piles excuses and explanations on top of each other, but with each passing day they are less convincing. Very soon, the White House will no doubt say that Assad must go. But by then the administration will have compromised American leadership — again.”

In thuggish Russia: “Moscow is preparing a list of U.S. officials it will ban from Russia in retaliation for a White House policy to keep Russian human rights abusers out of the U.S. Russia’s Foreign Ministry [. . .] began preparing a list of officials connected to the U.S. apprehension of suspected arms dealer Viktor A. Bout and convicted drug dealer Konstantin Yaroshenko, according to reports in the Russian press.”

In search of alternatives: Bill Kristol writes, “Should Republicans yield to history and resign themselves to a Romney-Perry choice? They could do worse. And it’s true that all experience has shown that Republicans are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.Or, here in the 21st century, is it Republicans’ right, and their duty, to throw off such precedent and to welcome new champions for our future security and prosperity? But they can only be welcomed if they step forward.”

In a Jewish-free land Mahmoud Abbas wants his Palestinian state. Hmm. Israel, he says, isn’t the Jewish state. And Jews won’t live in the Palestinian state. It’s almost like they don’t want Jews to live anywhere.

In the small-business community, the “percentage of owners anticipating that their revenue would increase over the next 12 months fell to 42% in July, down from 49% in April and 54% in January. At the same time, 18% expect their revenue to decrease.”

In Texas, there was some crony capitalism going. “[S]ome $16 million from . . . [the Emerging Technology Fund created by Texas Gov. Rick Perry] has gone to firms in which major Perry contributors were either investors or officers, and $27 million from the fund has gone to companies founded or advised by six advisory board members. The tangle of interests surrounding the fund has raised eyebrows throughout the state, especially among conservatives who think the fund is a misplaced use of taxpayer dollars to start with.”