A testament to the Saudi regime’s priorities: “In June, Saudi Arabia granted Jordan $400 million in aid. This week, the Saudis added a billion dollars more, and this $1.4 billion is cash — not loans, not investments, but budget support. . . . By contrast, the Saudis have given $30 million to the Palestinian Authority in 2011. And partly as a result, the PA is broke, has a billion dollars in debt, and has now put its public employees on half salary.”

Quin Hillyer looks ahead to the GOP’s priorities after debt-ceiling mania. “However the current debt-limit battle plays out, Washington lawmakers in the next phase of financial policymaking should move beyond simple accounting and focus primarily on economic growth. Arithmetically, there is no way within reason to handle this nation’s debt and unfunded liabilities without powerful and long-lasting growth, which both boosts revenues and reduces the number of people needing government aid.”

Here’s one reason why the White House may have placed such a high priority on getting a debt-ceiling bill to carry us through 2012. Obama’s poll numbers continue to dive.

Senators who place national defense at or near the top of their priorities have more than enough reason to oppose the Reid debt ceiling bill, which “would allocate roughly $544 billion each year to defense. By comparison, Boehner would allow for a range of $553 billion to $569 billion in 2012 and up to $571 billion in 2013. Thus, the combined difference between the plans over the next two years would be anywhere from $18 billion to about $50 billion.”

At least there can be no doubt about liberal priorities. “America needs more media bias, claim some on the left.”

You can understand why the priority is on secrecy. “[T]he Save Our Schools March, scheduled for Saturday in Washington D.C., presented itself as a grassroots effort without mentioning the big teachers union’s role in funding the event.”

Eugene Robinson argues that Republican priorities are winning the day. “The House, the Senate and the White House are all working within GOP-defined parameters: New tax revenue is off the table, painful budget cuts are a given, everyone seems to accept the principle that a debt-ceiling increase — which allows the Treasury to pay bills Congress has already incurred — must be tied to reductions in future spending.”

You have to understand lawmakers’ priorities. Sure, risk the country’s credit rating, but don’t mess with Christmas! “The administration is also spreading the new talking point online. ‘Happy Holidays America: Boehner plan would have the debt ceiling all over again during the holiday season, which is critical for the economy,’ Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer tweeted this morning.” Funny, that wasn’t a problem when they were trying to ram through ObamaCare.