Hmm, did the PA think this through? “By insisting on going forward [at the U.N.] despite American and substantial European resistance, the Palestinians are committing themselves completely to the two-state solution. Their ‘gain’ at the General Assembly must be viewed as the final, irrevocable commitment to that outcome and should destroy their ability to make their ‘one-state’ threats any longer. It is critical that the United States, Canada, the EU, and all countries committed to peace in the Middle East make this point loudly and clearly now and after the vote.

And why didn’t the mainstream journalists covering Vice President Joe Biden’s remarks on the “one child” policy in China think this through? “This is a remarkably obtuse and morally disgraceful statement. The policy the vice president is so understanding of, after all, involves forced abortion, involuntary sterilization, and gendercide. . . . . What the vice president of the United States is endorsing isn’t simply a right to an abortion; it is the (violent) act of abortion, even against the wishes and will of the mother. There is something deeply corrupt in an ideology that considers even forced abortions as beyond criticism and meriting our sympathy. And the fact Biden’s comments apparently didn’t create even a stir among most journalists tells you everything you need to know about the dominant moral sensibilities of many within the political class.”

Biden didn’t think this through either. His office tries to walk back the statement, claiming he was actually criticizing the one-child policy.

Does anyone at the White House think this through? “Obama Leans Harder on Labor as His Fortunes Fall.” Perhaps Obama’s pro-Big Labor policies are harming the economy and his own political standing.

Republicans should think this through before going to the mat on Obama’s payroll tax cut: “The short-term payroll-tax stimulus is a dumb idea, to be sure, but it is not the hill for Republicans to die on. They should tweak it if they can, and try to make the rates permanent, but there are more important battles to be won.”

It seems Texas Gov. Rick Perry didn’t think this through when he wrote his book. “The campaign of Texas governor and GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry is being hounded by statements made by Rick Perry. The Perry campaign on Monday was, once again, trying to distance itself from another policy prescription in Perry’s book, ‘Fed Up!’, which was released last year. In the book, Perry argues that the federal government should repeal the 16th amendment — which grants Congress wide leeway to levy income taxes — and institute instead a ‘flat tax’ that would tax all Americans at the same rate, regardless of income.”

It’s not like she hasn’t had time to think this through. “The biggest — perhaps the only — question remaining about the size and shape of the Republican presidential field is whether Sarah Palin intends to join. The answer is not expected to come by Labor Day, but rather in the final weeks of September.”

Mitt Romney might want to think through playing hard to get in Iowa. “The race is pretty close four ways in Iowa but Rick Perry is the new favorite among Republican voters in the state. Among announced candidates he’s at 22% to 19% for Mitt Romney, 18% for Michele Bachmann, and 16% for Ron Paul.” A strong second-place finish in Iowa and a win in New Hampshire could make him the prohibitive favorite.